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Our Goldens

Our Goldens



After 38 years of breeding our Golden Retrievers, I have decided it is time to retire from breeding.

This was a very difficult decision that took a lot of reflective thought and prayer. 

With the lack of reproductive Veterinarians available in our area along with the uncertainty of there being a Vet capable of handling an emergency with a carrying mom in the middle of the night was a main factor in this decision. 

I will not risk the health and wellbeing of my Goldens by not having the best care available for them at all times. 

Add this to the rising costs of everything needed to ensure the Goldens are getting everything they need it was the right decision for the breeding program to end. 

We will continue the boarding & grooming services

Thank you for your understanding, 

Linda Rademacher

Our Golden Family

American vs English Creme Goldens

American Type

An American Golden is more slender than a European. A male usually stands from 23 to 24 inches (58 to 61 cm) in height at the shoulders, and females should be 21.5 to 22.5 inches (55 to 57 cm) at the shoulders. The males weigh 65-75 lbs. and the females weigh 55-65 lbs. American Golden Retrievers tend to be darker in color and a little more energetic, particularly in younger dogs.  However, American type Golden’s are just as loving and companionable as their English counterparts. Their hair tends to be more fine, while the European’s hair tends to be thicker.

English Type

The European Golden Retrievers are bigger-boned, shorter, with a more square head and/or muzzle and are generally slightly heavier. Males are usually between 56 to 61 cm (22 to 24 ins) at the shoulders and females slightly shorter at between 51 to 56 cm (20 to 22 ins). The British Kennel Club standard calls for a level top line and straight hindquarters without the slight rear angulations found in American lines. European Golden’s tend to be lighter in color, some are nearly pure white. On a breeders scale, the lighter the better. Pure European puppies are all white with black eyes and a black nose. They also tend to be a bit more docile at an earlier age than the American Breed.

Is a Golden the right breed for you?

So you’ve decided to purchase a dog. Owning a dog can be the beginning of years of enjoyment, however, you must be prepared for some important responsibilities. Remember, dogs are for life.

Always be honest with yourself. Are you prepared to have a dog for the next 11 to 14 years? The Golden Retriever you fell in love with because of his lush coat is indeed beautiful, but are you going to be able to brush this coat every day as it requires? Think about the size of your house or your apartment. Will that Golden Retriever be happy in your studio apartment? The Golden Retriever is a larger energetic sporting dog who requires a lot of exercise.  Daily walks or free exercise are important to their physical and mental health, as well as socialization with other people and animals. Do you have a fenced yard so he can go out safely? If not, can you afford to install a fence?

The purchase price of your puppy is not the only cost you have to consider. Be aware that the puppy you bring home will need proper care: food, health care, (a dog needs annual shots). Your puppy will also need little things like a collar with identification, a bowl, and a leash. Evaluate your budget; ask yourself if you really can afford a dog.

Being a responsible owner means considering your dog’s lifelong health care needs, whether for preventive care or for unexpected accidents, injuries and illnesses that could happen at any time, however well you look after your dog. All dogs must be cared for daily. This means proper diet, exercise, grooming and veterinary attention. All dogs should be regularly examined by a veterinarian and inoculated against the major infectious canine diseases.

Make your dog a good neighbor through obedience training. A poorly behaved dog is a problem for everyone. Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to corral a dog that will not “come” when you call. A well trained dog is not only a pleasure to own, he is a goodwill ambassador for the entire canine community. A well-behaved dog is the result of the dog’s owner being willing to work with the dog regularly in a systematic manner. Obedience classes are available in most communities.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility! Ask lots of questions; we all know there are no stupid questions. We will answer your questions and share our experience and knowledge with you.